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Sunday, July 1, 2012

To Run Fast

One of my goals is to run a fast 5k.  Today, I tried to make a decent 5k time, but finished with a 19:14, an average of 6:12 min/mile.  For my fastest marathon, I averaged 6:43 min/mile, and comparing the two, I've gotten a lot slower.  I could go longer... but I can't run as fast.

The next planned race I have is the 50 mile race, but for the next month, I'll be training for both 5k and 50 miles.  In order to have a faster 50 mile time, I'll be using the training that I'm doing to improve my 5k time and apply that to my long runs.  To run fast, you need to train fast.  As you practice running fast, your body gets used to the speed and it comes out during the longer runs.  As I'm training for both 5k and 50 miles, I'm going to need to do training for both.  I'll have to do 800m repeats to get my speed up and also do long 15-20 mile runs in order to keep up my endurance.

I firmly believe that if I could perform well in a short race, with enough training, I can perform well in a longer race.  Little by little we improve as we train, and as for me, when I train for the 5k, I know that I'll be rewarded with the 50 mile.

It's funny how the little things impact the big things.  When you work so hard on what's little, you actually are helping yourself when bigger things come along.  The better you are with handling the little things that pop in your way, the better you will be prepared for the bigger things that you have planned to come your way.

After the run today, I went to the gym, did 13 pull ups, 30 push ups, and then cycled on a stationary bike for 60 minutes.  This time, I rode one of those bikes that didn't have the miles on it, and I worked harder to up my cadence so that I would have a decent pace built up in my body.  After that, I went to the sauna and then stretched hard after that.  One step at a time will definitely lead me to my goals.

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