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Sunday, July 15, 2012

How Foundations Builds You Up

Over the last few weeks, I've been working out, running, and basically focusing on keeping myself in good shape.  I haven't been focusing on a certain distance, and I have also not been running as fast as I can, pushing myself to an extreme.  However, during this time, I have been putting a solid amount of focus on my overall health.  This has helped me run faster in a 5k that I timed myself at the park.  2 weeks ago, my time was 19:14.  Today, it was 18:38, an average of 6:00 min/mile.  I ran hard at the beginning, running a 5:42 for my first mile.  My second mile was at 6:13, and my third mile a 6:11 followed by 31 seconds of running for the last tenth of a mile (and yes, I know it doesn't add up perfectly... but that's because it only records to the nearest second).

It is not my fastest 5k.  It's not my slowest either.  However, this shows that I'm in a position where I can definitely improve if I work on it.  2 weeks ago, when I ran the 5k, my right knee felt a little pain but this time, I didn't feel any pain at all.  In fact, over the last two weeks, I trained hard in order to keep myself in good shape and improve on muscle growth, especially around the knees.  I never practiced running fast, but because of my dedication to running, my body has developed a faster pace and without realizing, I've become able to run faster.

Working on a big foundation means that you can put a lot on it.  The more you work on that foundation, the higher your goals can be.  Working on the foundation of your goals are important because it builds you up without realizing it.  Starting this week, I'm beginning to build up again, working on speed for the next month while adding a little distance every once in a while.  Although I do really want my 5k time to be fast, the next big race that I'm planning is the one in October, so I have three months to get in shape to run 50 miles FAST.  Let's give the professional athletes a little something to give them a challenge.

Build your foundation and make it big and strong.  The end result will be a lot bigger than you would think.

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