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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seize Each Moment

This morning, I ran 3.05 miles in 23:17, an average of 7:37 min/mile.  After running that distance, I went to work and worked a full day.  After work, I went home and ate dinner, taught a piano lesson, then did a Bible study, and after that, texted Ashley to see what she was up to.  She told me that her and her brother and friends were hanging out at Wild Wings Cafe, so I decided that I would use that moment to get another run in, to run towards Wild Wings Cafe and she would pick me up before I got there.  It turned out that the whole distance would have been 5.8 miles, but she picked me up at 4.43 miles (which I ran in roughly 33 minutes, but due to me forgetting to turn off the imapmyrun program on my iphone, I won't know for sure... but nevertheless, I ran at about a 7:26 pace, which is pretty decent after a long day at work.

The point is, usually, I would just drive to get from one place to another.  This time, I chose to step it up by running to get to some place.  Some people call it crazy.  I call it dedication.  The way I view things, if you're absolutely serious about your goals, you should be taking steps towards making the pursuit of your goal a part of your lifestyle.  Seize each moment and create opportunities.  You are in charge of your own life.  You tell yourself what you should do and make it happen.

Waiting around and adding on to your life can add a lot more stress to your life, but once you implement your goals to your lifestyle, it's not adding more things, but changing things.  When you take steps towards reaching your goals, it's not a matter of how many things you could add to your work load.  Instead, it's how to implement your path towards your goal into your daily life.  Whether it's washing the dishes while cooking because your goal is to develop a lifestyle of cleanliness, or figuring out an even more beneficial way of studying to pass the test... instead of adding hours of extra things, you would be helping yourself even more with this 'editing' of your life.

Think 'change' and not 'add to'

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