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Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Olympics

As soon as I heard that The RUSH was going to be showing the Olympics on their TVs, I left the gym early to go for a run.  In 43:06, I ran 6.02 miles, an average of 7:09 min/mile, which was a really good pace, considering that I was slightly sore from the day before.  After coming back, I did my 20 pull ups and 50 push ups, and as I walked for 1.25 miles, I watched the first part of the opening ceremony.  After that, I just went over and sat down and watched the opening ceremony continue.

When the first Olympics initially began, it was a competition held between different cities to decide who was the strongest, the fastest, the best... and it has continued on.  The victor would not only receive the laurel, but also fame and glory, as well as riches.  The training that they undertook was harsh and grueling, it required them to be at their best, so that they would be able to represent their city and win.  During the Olympics, there were no wars because everything stopped.  Every 4 years, no matter what was happening, when the Olympics occurred, everyone took a break and let the athletes compete.

I respect the athletes that dedicated their life to this competition, putting forth effort in order to win.  The 2012 Olympics, held in London will be another year where legends will be made and records set, world champions made, and rivals clash.  It's a place somewhat like the coliseum, where instead of gladiators, men and women would take their place and decide who was the best of that era.  I can't wait to see the competitions, to watch as each athlete performs at his or her best in order to represent their country... and hope to earn a gold medal.

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