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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clear Communication

Today, we had an indoor soccer game where in the first half of the game we did really bad.  The reason we weren't doing too well was due to the fact that we weren't communicating with each other.  Without the clear communication, we weren't able to connect our passes because we would be passing to an empty space where no one would be going to or to the opposing team.  In the 50 minutes that we were out there, we didn't work too well and in the end, we lost 5-4.  Communication is key in any kind of system.  Without communication, the SWAT team wouldn't be able to rescue hostages.  Without communication, a business will fail.  Without communication, a relationship will fall.

Communication has the power to make things work.

The clearer the communication, the better it would work in the system.  Efficient communication produces effective results.  As the communication gets more and more efficient, the results get better and better.  The correlation is clear and shows us how important it is to keep it clear.  Our body is a system where our muscles communicate with one other helping the body perform at its best.  In order to produce efficient and effective communication, training is essential to what we do to our body.  As we train, we notice how everything works and our muscle adapts to what we do, perfecting the communication... and thus perfecting the results.  Doing things that would not benefit the body's communication isn't something I'm wanting a part of.  I want to work to enhance the communication level in my body to perform to the best of my abilities... at all times.

This would mean that there are things that I like doing, and things that I don't like doing.  As for the things that I like doing, I enjoy going to the gym and working out.  Today, I went after the indoor soccer game and did my 16 pull ups and 40 push ups, following it with 30 inclined sit ups and cycled for about 30 minutes.  Going to the sauna, I was able to relax and allow the muscles to chill and recuperate.  I enjoy doing all these things because working on the various muscles, it helps the correct firing of the neurons to insure that the muscles are working together to produce a good result.  Now, about the things that I don't prefer to do.  I'm actually not a big fan of going out and drinking.  Drinking in itself is not wrong (til you do too much), but the thing for me is that drinking inhibits the control of your muscles and the firing of the neurons wouldn't be on target, causing your body to lose that control.  Sure you still have some control, but as an athlete, I personally don't want to put my body through something like that.

To insure that you have good results, it's important to have good communication.  What would you do to get those results?

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  1. Yeah alcohol sucks, nothing ever good came from it except maybe the inhibition of nervous people that got together and created humans but that usually resulted in kids born without families. Also if you are feeling awful why would chug something that is going to make you feel worse? If you are depressed acknowledge it and move on alcohol will only prolong the inevitable moment of feeling like crap.