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Monday, July 2, 2012

Pulling Yourself Off the Couch

Today was one of those lazy days where you didn't really wanna do anything except lay around and watch tv and play games... maybe get on facebook and talk with friends.  I just didn't really want to do anything.  I was going to run in the morning but I decided that laying around would be a better choice for me.

When you're in a comfortable place, you don't want to change anything.  You're feeling good, so why do something else that's going to make you sweaty and gross, using energy and having to work?

Necessity drives us forward and helps us DO things.  However, we can only title something as necessity only if we deem it worthy.  Is it necessary for me to get up off the couch and go work out at the gym?  Not really.  I don't think it'll make THAT much of a difference.  One day doesn't make my life go down the drain.  One day doesn't make a huge difference that is detrimental and will ruin me.  These are the thoughts that usually go in my head... until one final thought comes through:

If I don't do exercise today, will it help or hinder me from my plan and my goals?

When I ask myself this question, I need to answer 100% truthfully.  Being truthful to yourself is really important because you don't want to make decisions that you will regret.  When that question comes up... it either makes me get up off the couch and do something... or makes me enjoy laying around because I needed that break.

Either way, the important thing is that in getting off that couch, you need to ask yourself if what you're doing is what you should be doing in order to help you achieve your goals... and answer truthfully.

Getting off the couch isn't something simple.  It takes guts to be truthful to yourself and getting off and doing what you should be doing.  Today, after I pulled myself off the couch, I went to the gym, did 12 pull ups, 30 push ups, and ran two half miles on the treadmill, going faster than what I'm used to, and then went on the stationary bike and cycled 16.1 miles in an hour.  Afterwords, I raised my knee 210 times per leg to work on that motion (especially since I've been cycling, which uses muscle to push down instead of pulling up.  Following that, I went over to the sauna and stretched out for ten minutes... it was worth getting off the couch, and to be honest, after getting off the couch and going over to the gym, I felt and knew that I made a good decision.

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