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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Why is it important to be able to visualize?  When you visualize your goal, you have a mental image on what your goal looks like.  You piece it together in order to recreate that goal and make it a reality.

When you visualize your goal, you can see not only the final product, but also the process that gets you to that.  When you can put a mental picture in front of you, you aren't just dreaming about it, but instead, actively pursuing it.  When you are actively pursuing it with your mind, you visualize the intricate details that sum up the goal.  As I visualize my own body and goals, I look at the different muscles that are on my body and see how each should be shaped; the strength, size, and flexibility of each muscle that is in my body, as well as how I perform.  I can see the effortless movement as I run, how my whole body moves in one fluid motion as I take each step, running long distances with a fast pace.  I can see how my legs are moving, how my arms are moving... how everything works together to propel me forward.

When you make goals, it's important that you're able to visualize what your goal is, because the more you visualize, the better chance you have of attaining that goal.  If your goal is hazy and isn't too specific, you won't be able to have a path to follow or a goal to reach because you're not sure what it is.  However, the more you can visualize your goal and the more details you can see, the quality of the journey goes up significantly, as does your pace towards your goal.

Visualization helps individuals reach the next level.

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