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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fear of Failure

Now today was a break.  I didn't go run because yesterday, I had run that 15 miles and I was needing this break to recover (even though I wasn't sore at all from it...).  Instead, I played wallyball with my friends for 2.5 hours.  The fun part about wallyball is that you use your legs in multiple ways.  You would jump at times, run at times, sidesteps, cross overs, lunge, dive... Since I enjoy playing wallyball, I was all over the court, doing my best to help the team and win.  Although it was a break for me and running, it wasn't too much of a break for my legs, and I really enjoyed the work that I did.  We had our wins and we had our losses, but the most important thing was that we enjoyed every moment of it.

When playing a game like wallyball, you need to know where the ball is going to be, so you would need to control your feet, so that you would be at the proper place to hit the ball, and then you would need to put your hands in the proper place so you would be able to control the ball.  It's basically like chess where you control every move in such a way that you try to obstruct the opponent's paths and make your own so that your team would win.  In order to accomplish that, you need to first, control yourself.  Explosive power is something that you need in order to get to the right place at the right time.  Explosive power is needed every time you jump to hit the ball dive to save a ball, or do anything in order to keep the ball alive.

The explosiveness isn't just a physical thing that gets you from point A to point B.  The explosiveness is the willpower of the individual, making what seems impossible, possible.  Never giving up til the last moment because you are trusting yourself and your explosive power to get there in time.

There are times when we have to face problems that you need to react to right away.  The willpower must be just as explosive as the action itself, or you won't be able to conquer it as soon as it happens.  There are times when you need to react in a positive way, to choose to conquer rather than to admit defeat and cut losses.  Forward is the direction you should go, and to go there, you need to believe that it is possible.

Often, it's the fear of failure that stops people from achieving great things.  Fight that fear and become confident.  Reach high and believe in yourself and your abilities, because each moment you try is a step towards success.  You won't get a perfect score, you won't always come out on top, but with each scar you receive in battle, you learn and grow with that experience, and by the end of the war, you will achieve that long sought victory.

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