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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Resisting Temptation

Today, I planned on going for a long run. I woke up in the morning and after a cup of ice cold water, I went out. I felt pretty good, and I knew that today would be an amazing day. I had to make sure, however, that it was a long and easy run. This meant that I wouldn't run hard, and I wouldn't run too long.

After running about three miles, a runner passed me. Immediately, my competitive side flared up and I started running faster. After a few seconds, I realized what I was doing and stopped myself. I slowed down and relaxed, once again focusing on form rather than speed. It's hard for me to treat each run differently and run hard on only a few and easy on the others. What I needed in order to do that was complete control over myself and what I needed to do. I managed to run 8.69 miles in 1:09:19, an average of 7:58 min/mile.

Today, I also visited my grandparents, who immediately gave me different drink options, as well as snack options. In my home, it's easy to eat healthy because that's the only thing that's available. However, this was new territory and I was caught in a trap. I managed to politely decline their offer, and they accepted the fact that I was an intense runner and needed to do my best to perform at my best.

When you have a goal ahead of you, no matter what kind of temptations comes your way, you can easily overcome it. When you get a surprise attack from temptation, it becomes a lot more easier to resist and overcome because your goal is that strongly ingrained in your mind.

Keep your eyes on the goal and you will resist temptation.

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