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Saturday, January 26, 2013


If there was a shorter way to get from one point to another, we'd take it.  Whenever I go to a different place, I figure out what's the shortest way or which way takes the least amount of time.  It's honestly something that we all have inside of us.  When it's about us getting from one place to another, it's obvious that we'd take the road that's faster.  Speed is what we want when it has anything to do with our goal.

We want instant gratification, we want to be able to HAVE that gratification right now.  However, there are just some things that can't be right away.  As for me, the goal that doesn't have short cuts is the 100 miler that's coming up in about 200 days.  There are no short cuts for me to take.  I'd like it to exist, but sometimes, you've gotta push through and go through... a lot of things in order to get you to your goal.

Wishing that there is a short cut doesn't mean that it'll pop out and boom, you get your goal.  If it did, then your goal wasn't that high to begin with.  We choose these hard goals BECAUSE they are hard.  Being hard makes the goals mean so much more when you accomplish it.  What good is a goal when it's easy to do.  Why go easy when you can go hard.  When you 'accomplish' taking one step upstairs, it's nothing.  However, when you climb Mt Everest, now THAT is an accomplishment.

You see, an accomplishment can be big or small.  We tend to look at it as something big.  When we look to have these huge accomplishments, you need to work hard to get it... meaning that there is no 'fast track' to getting to where you need to be to accomplish whatever you goal is.  It's not instant gratification because it'll take time, and the more time it takes, the better it should feel.

Some people like to finish, but because they found some short cut, they don't realize the accomplishment and they won't feel AS happy, or revert to where they were before.  Some people find ways to lose weight quickly, but because they found some easy fast short cut, they're not as satisfied because they were instantly gratified.  A hard road is a road worth traveling, because the final destination is THAT much more worthwhile when the road is tough.  The tougher the road, the more that goal would impact you.

Today, I was going to run a long and easy, however, due to the roads being iced over, I ran 4.1 miles in 35:14, an average of 8:36 min/mile because I ran slow and safely in my cross country spikes.  Wasn't my best, but every little bit that I put into my runs should help me with my goal.  It's going to be a tough 200 days, but I'm going to have to make sure to make it worthwhile as I cross the finish line after the 100 mile race.

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