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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Last Few Days

It's been hectic getting things together, but that's what life's all about.  Little things that get in the way and things that we have to sacrifice.  The past few days, because of work and school, my running schedule has been slightly messed up.  Yesterday, I was able to get in a good run twice because I planned it out that day, but today, I didn't even get to go out once.  Fortunately, work involved me standing, so I'll take what I can get from that.  The next stop for me would be to eventually figure out my schedule and go further.

Yesterday, I planned a double run.  A run before I went to work, and a run after I got off work.  I'd be standing in between the runs so I wouldn't fully recover, but because of this, I was able to run a longer distance than usual.  Before the run, I ran 5.43 miles in 40:13 min, an average of 7:24 min/mile.  This meant that I was able to set a decent pace with hills.  After work, I ran 4.31 miles in 31:58, an average of 7:25 min/mile.  It was a little slower because of the run and work before that, but it was very liberating for me to get the miles down.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get more days like that in, and eventually work myself up to running double digits every day.

With the race this Saturday, it's important that I don't push myself too hard during the last few days, however, it's important to me to use it as a training race and not an actual race.  The big race is happening less than 200 days away.  I'm going to have to train to get there and this 50k is only part of that training.

Hoping I'll get a good run in tomorrow morning/noon

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