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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Standing vs Walking

There's a 12-30 kcal difference between sitting and standing.  However, the difference between standing and walking is considerably different.  Once again, I looked at one of my favorite sites, and looked at the difference in calories between standing and walking.  Standing uses 84-156 kcal/hour while walking can range from 240-468 kcal/hour.  This means that replacing an hour of standing with an hour of walking can burn between 156-312 kcal/hour more.  Once again, assuming that you eat the same as you do and you don't change anything else, you can lose a pound of weight in between 11 hours and 13 minutes to 22 hours and 26 minutes if you replace walking with standing.  (side note:  If you replace sitting with walking, you can burn 168-342 kcal/hour more, burning a pound with 10 hours and 14 minutes to 20 hours and 50 minutes of walking)

It's funny how an hour can change a lot.  As your body is desperately trying to reach some sort of balance, your addition or subtraction of activities and eating makes a huge difference.  There's a big difference when comparing an hour of standing and an hour of walking.  Walking definitely takes a lot more energy than standing, and calculating the difference, it's a big enough difference to change an individual's weight in roughly around 2 weeks.  Imagine what one could do if they changed 2... or even 3 hours a day?

Today, I had a great time running around my old university campus with a friend.  I took all the roads, sidewalks, stairs that the college had to offer, going up and down hills, running 8.61 miles in 1:00:08, an average of 6:59 min/mile.  Running with a friend definitely boosted my speed, and even though we had a lot of climbs and descents during the run, we still managed to run it in a pretty fast pace.

One hour can be filled with anything.  From a body at rest to a body in motion.  Changing your lifestyle with one hour CAN make a difference.  It doesn't matter if you're trying to lose weight, getting a good grade in class, working at your desk.  One hour can make a difference.  It depends on what you do in that hour.  You can choose to use that hour to do something really productive... or you can just waste that hour.  Standing or walking.  It's up to you to decide what to do.

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