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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Well it's a new year and as we come to that time, people start making their New Year's Resolution.  I think it's a pretty cool idea to do that, to decide something and go with it, to make up your mind to make a difference in your life.  A new beginning, a big change.

My new years is going to be another one of those days where I make a difference in my life (since I like changing up and adding or taking away things to improve my own lifestyle) and count the miles I've run this year, to keep track of what I'm doing and see how much I've gone in a year.  I'm really not used to running and keeping up with the mileage, but this year, I'll make that change to see where I'm at and where I'm going.  I think it's a great idea and I'm going to run with it (no pun intended) and see how many thousand miles I'm going to run in a year.  There's a lot you can do in one year... and I figure that with these ultramarathons, I might be able to hit or go beyond 3,000 miles, but we'll see.  I think it'll be pretty cool to reach that much (or even go beyond).

A New Year, a New You, and ideally, a Better You.

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