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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jump Ropes

So I went to Walmart last night and got myself some $6 jump rope, and decided that I'd see if I could go jump 10,000 times in one day.  That night, at around 9, I began my little journey, and counted to a 100, paused for 5 sec, then kept going til I reached a 1000, where I took a break for a couple minutes.  I kept this up til I reached 6,447 jumps when the jump rope snapped.  It had worn down from each time it hit the ground and finally broke during one of my jumps.

Jump ropes are definitely a good source of exercise.  It really does a lot.  Works your whole body, and it's great.  Today, I'm sore all over because of it... especially my left shoulder (since I'm right handed)... but that's not what I want to talk about.

I bought a jump rope at Walmart.  We all know that Walmart isn't known for it's most fabulous artifacts that lasts forever and ever.  It's known for being cheap, and with cheap comes an average rating for liabilities.  You get what you buy, and usually, when you get great deals, you end up with a cheap things.  It doesn't last as long and isn't as good.  So how's that important to life?

When I train, there aren't any short cuts to train to run these races.  Short cuts don't do anything.  It's the same as buying cheap meals which aren't nutritionally balanced.  In short, whatever you do in life, if you do it half heartedly, you're not gonna be satisfied, you won't get the full results.  You want great results in whatever you do, you work hard, you work smart, and you get what you came for.  Whatever you put in will come out.

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