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Monday, December 10, 2012

Less Weight

Now, when I say I need to lose weight, it's not just for health reasons.  I want to lose all the excess weight in order to run faster.  Sometimes, the weight that we don't need for running just needs to go if you want to compete.  Although it may be a lot of muscle, the thing is, when running, it doesn't matter what you have, if you don't need it, then it's just extra things you could get rid of.  Of course, it's important for me to lose some of the fat, but I can't segregate.  I need to make sure that I mold my body into the most running efficient shape.  Only with the 'perfect' body can I have the 'perfect' speed.  Less weight is more of a side effect, rather than the main point.  Most people tend to think of losing weight as the main goal, instead of chiseling their body.  Make sure you do that, focusing on your true goal, instead of your side effects.

Now, in order to step towards my goal, it's important that I lose weight, and I do aim at correcting my weight in various ways.  One is diet, the other is activity.  With those two things, I can alter my body size and shape, and am able to run at my best.

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