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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Find Your Niche

We all have different passions and different niches.  We like certain foods, different places, and we have our preferences in what TV show we watch.  We are all unique, different... and because of that, we have different groups of people we associate with.

I'm kind of crazy.  I like running.  I like music.  I like food.  I like people... and because of all the things that I like, I find it easy to just mesh with people.  Obviously, my passion for running is outstanding and because of that, people kind of get to understanding how much I'm crazy about running... but I make sure to tone it down to not scare them away.

Finding your niche is important because it helps you stay comfortable, being in a place where you belong.  Being in a place where you don't belong is going to wear and tear you up (or down...) and it's just not healthy for you.  It's important to find that community of people who share your passions and preferences and associate with them.  Common ground is what people need because it gives reassurance and stability.

I find that because of my love for running, the friends that I made while running encourages me to run further and to run faster... to keep on going because I have people with me that back me up and support me.  Having that niche helped me find a good community, though they may be in different states... or even countries, and they've pushed me more than I could have pushed myself.

Finding a community that shares what you believe in, that understands you, is important because of the encouragement and strength they give you.  Finding that niche helps you work towards your goals.

Go find your niche.

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