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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Peer Pressure

Whenever you're with people, there's always a certain amount of peer pressure.  Sometimes it's only a subtle amount, while other times, it's massive.  Either way, when you're with people, you will have that peer pressure (and you will also give out peer pressure).  People, whether they like it or not, will encourage others to do as they do, to live as they do.  Whether we like it or not, we influence others, and others influence us.  Do you remember how in movies, the main character's mother always tells the main character to not hang around 'those people' because they'll influence the main character in a bad way.  Believe it or not, it's true.  People you hang out with will influence you to be more like them.  In the same way, you will influence the people around you to be more like you.  Now when you and the other people think differently, it's going to create some conflict... reverse peer pressure, where you're convinced your way is the right way and the other person isn't and you continue on to your path.

Yesterday, I didn't feel good at all and had a massive headache so I wasn't able to go out for a run like I wanted to.  Today, I had the best time this week.  I went to the track at UT and met up with a few runners and went out for a good run.  Running together is always an encouragement, and when you're with other people that enjoys running, you feel as if you belong.  It becomes a reaffirmation that your lifestyle is what you want.  It gives you the extra spark... but now that's the good type of peer pressure.  There are other times like yesterday, when I hung out with one of my non-running friends (yes, I do have those too) and marveled at his life decisions (I mean, he's totally different from me, and we're best friends).  He had snacks in his house, he didn't go out to go run, he had a wife and a kid, he enjoyed life... oh wait... I enjoy my life too.  But I was so jealous of some of the things he had in his life that I would love to have in my life.  I mean... he had OREOS... I wish I had oreos in my life.  Unfortunately, it's not a part of my diet, and so I wasn't allowed to keep that sort of thing in my house.  He and I made two different choices, and we both were a result of it... but still, being with him made me want to go to the store and get some snacks.  Now THAT is what I call bad peer pressure.  We have both good and bad, and they help us... and sometimes hinder us.

I was really tempted to get myself a whole bag of oreos, but I managed to go through that and reaffirmed why I didn't have oreos in my house.  Just like when good things and bad things happen, the only things that brings you down is how you react to it.  Using peer pressure, our true desires starts to come out and how you react to the pressure determines who you are.  Are you living and being true to yourself, living as you truly want to live?  Or maybe you're covering up something.

Today's run was fantastic, we ran 10.05 miles in 1:13, a 7:16 min/mile average.  Pretty darn good for me, since I took an extra day off.  Lets make sure tomorrow I keep it up and run some more.  I'm in need of continuing on my way of living, and pursue my goals.

Hope I get into the Leadville 100...

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