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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

And so Christmas has come and is finishing up, a time to celebrate with family.  I time... to eat.  And of course, during this Christmas day, I ate.  I ate a lot.  It was a little too much compared to what I would normally eat... but it was glorious.  I ate and I ate, it was nice... but of course, according to my little rule, it only lasts one day.  I have to get back to the meal plan I have for myself... a strict diet... but hey, today was a wonderful time.

Yesterday, I had the wonderful time, even had enough time to go for a little run, running 3.84 miles in 32:16, an average of 8:23 min/miles.  Slow but nice, it was great to go out for a small run.  Going to have to make sure I make that a priority... going to be hard.  Tomorrow... I'll have to get back to running again.

First, I had a meal with one of my good friends in the morning, another friend for late lunch, and another meal with another friend in the evening... so much food, and such a great time.  One awesome day, one great time with friends.

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