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Friday, December 14, 2012

Molding Your Body

Isn't it interesting that people can change how they look via means of exercise and stretching instead of surgery... yet there seems to be a lot of people choosing surgery to change themselves.  Now in some cases, surgery is the only case... but when it has to do with just how fat an individual is, most people choose to lose their fat through invasive means.  Molding your body is my ideal type of thing.  What you consistently do every day molds your life...

All my childhood life, my parents tell me to keep my back straight.  It seems like we all just want to keep a slouchy position because it feels so comfortable.  However, putting yourself through that comfort eventually will cause your spine to start forming that way.  When we're young, our whole body is continuously growing, which means that cells are replicating at all times.  The growth only occurs according to how the certain thing is molded.  A plant at the window sill grows towards sunlight and if you keep turning the plant around it will change the direction it will grow, but whatever has already has grown will stay that way.  In the same way, when you slouch, you alter the direction your spine was growing.  When the spine becomes strong and firm and the body grows up, it sets and the back becomes bent over.  By the time you realize where you're at, it might be too late.  By the time the bone sets, it won't feel comfortable for you to straighten your back, a habit is already set, and you're getting a lot more tired because you're stuck in that position and have to support your body in order to continue to go forward.

Realizing where you are and changing how you're molding yourself is how you can prevent this problem.  Look at the direction you're going and make a change in your lifestyle.  Mold your body according to what your goals are.

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