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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't Forget

We forget about a lot of things.  Today, after church, I went to Walmart to buy some Christmas presents.  I was thinking about what I could possibly get for my sisters and thought long and hard about it... when I suddenly remembered that I make jewelry.  Having a lot of females in my family has made it so that I have a set of skills that aren't to be trifled with.  Of course, it's not REAL jewelry that I dabble with, but I think it's still pretty darn good.  I've fortunately (or unfortunately... depending on how you look at it) built up that skill over a few years of practice, and so now, giving jewelry to the females in my family has become pretty easy.  However, over the years, I haven't been around family too much and bought presents instead, forgetting my set of skills.  After visiting Walmart and wondering what I should get my sisters, I went across the jewelry making section and figured out the perfect things to gift my family.

Sometimes, we forget about what we can do because we are out of practice.  When you don't do that many things, you forget what you can do.  Your mind becomes confused and doesn't understand what it's capable of doing.  Practice does go to performance, and without it, you forget.

Let's not forget.

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