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Saturday, December 15, 2012

One Hour

One hour... 60 minutes... 3600 seconds... you can do quite a lot in that amount of time.  Of course, in that amount of time, you can change your life.  I've talked about how important 24 hours is in one's life, but the importance of what you can do within that hour is also pretty darn amazing.

In an hour, with pressure, a college kid can finish writing an essay.  A chef can cook 2 full course meals.  A musician can play a whole set list worth of songs.  I chose to run 7.36 miles in 58:04 (7:53 minute/mile average, happened yesterday) burning roughly 904 calories (according to the mapmyrun app).  Had I run faster, I could have burned over a 1000 calories.  When you're sitting, you burn about 60 calories in that hour.  Standing, you can burn over 200 calories.  In one hour, you can choose to burn less than a 100 calories up to over a 1000.  The power of one hour is rather amazing.  One hour can make a difference... but think a little more than that.  Think about how much you could possibly burn during a 100 mile race... now that's a lot of calories.

Back to the hour.  That one hour does impact your life and it does raise your average metabolism as its effect goes further than just that hour.  One hour of eating doesn't impact the you during that hour, but effects the you throughout your day.  Every moment counts, including that on hour.

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