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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Okay, so maybe I'm going too far saying that nothing good happens after midnight, but the thing is, we're often tempted to do a ton of things at night.  There are a few things that are good for us at this time, but there's millions of things that we do that aren't.  One major problem we have is the issue of eating.  At midnight, my stomach suddenly decides that it's hungry, and that I'm in need of food.

Totally wrong.

My body just craves to fill my stomach because it's empty, and so we want to fill it up because it's comfortable.  The thing is, we become so used to that feeling that we have a hard time getting out of that (gluttonous) habit.  In eating after midnight, all the energy we put in our body will not be used because our metabolism would slow down as we sleep.  As the metabolism slows down, what happens is that all the energy we have inside of us begins to be stored... as fat.  Not really a great idea, but we choose to do that because it feels so good.  How can you get away from that?


Just sleep.  What we tend to do is ponder on the problems, and the longer we dwell on the problem, the more we're tempted to make the wrong decisions.  The more we are tempted to make the wrong decisions, the more likely we actually make the wrong decision.  So instead of going through all that, just sleep.  Sleeping is valuable and important to your body, so instead of thinking about eating, choose to sleep.  After all, when you sleep, you're taking a break, and you won't be tempted at all to get any food.

Sometimes, things just pop up that we know isn't good for us.  We want it so bad, but we know it's not good, so we try to stay away... but eventually do it.  Instead of fighting it, just run away.  Eventually, it becomes second nature and you don't have to worry about even getting to fighting because you start not caring as much.  Sometimes, strength is just running away.

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