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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Too Late?

When is it too late?  Sometimes, it's hard for people to figure out when too late is.  The reason is that we normally don't fully look at what's before us and give up before we have a chance of changing the direction we're going.  Today at work, I talked with a few friends about where they were in life and they talked about their dreams of doing different things but saying that it was too late for them and that now they can only work here because that's where they are.  Sadly, it's only true because of their decision to give up.  As Napoleon Hill says, "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."  Giving up is itself the final nail in the coffin.  Should there be any hope, then there's a chance (unless it's after the fact).

So when is too late?  Too late is when you look back at the past because you can't change the past.  However, you do have control over the present and the future.  Should you strive forward, you can achieve it.  It's never too late to make a difference, a change, so let's go forward and make that change.  The faster you act, the less time you'll waste and you can be on your way towards your goals.  As my goal is in running, I need to consistently be running or I lose sight of that.  It's never too late for me to get into running, even after being sick and taking time off from running.  It's now that I'm going to start to make a difference and it'll be an awesome feeling as I take steps and steps closer to my goal.

Today, I ran 3.96 miles in 26:13, an average of 6:36 min/mile.  Little by little I'm getting faster, but I need to make sure that I don't forget to get the distance down.  As I'm training for both speed and endurance, it's important that I keep that in my training and not save it for later.  As my calculus teacher always told me, "Proper preparation prevents poor performance."  Work ahead, don't give up... and don't play around with deadlines and procrastinate.

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