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Monday, January 28, 2013


When life is out of control and you don't know what's going to happen day by day, you end up without a schedule.  Living life without a schedule can be good... but it can also be chaotic.  Now that life is getting back into a nice schedule, I'm fortunate enough to take steps towards putting running into my schedule.  As I don't want to tire myself out, I've started to write my running schedule as two-a-days.  Running twice, or even three times, a day will definitely get both speed and endurance.  It would work on my speed because it would be shorter distance, but at the same time, it would work on my endurance because my body wouldn't have all the rest it needs over continuous running.

My goal is to schedule out my running so that I would be able to run a fast ultramarathon.  The thing is, I've been too random with my scheduling that I haven't been able to do that.  My plan today was to run an hour and then go on with life, but instead, I was invited to a surprise birthday party, ending up with me only having about 20 minutes to run before the surprise party started.  I ended up running 2.58 miles in 17:16 min, an average of 6:42 min/mile, which wasn't too bad, but considering that I ran up and down hills, I gave myself a thumbs up on that one.

Now tomorrow, I'm hoping that I'll get my sleep (because last night, I slept at 3 to wake up at 8, which definitely wasn't enough).  Once I get into a good habit, I'll be able to schedule out my running and be able to positively train so that I would end up faster and ready for longer distances.

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