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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Application of Knowledge

As I said before, the only person that's in charge of your body and your choices is yourself.  This means that the only individual that can make the decision to train wisely is you.  It's important to study about what you're going to do so that you can apply it to your own life, making it so that you would grow towards the person you want to be.  As a runner, I like to read my Runner's World Magazine as well as browse the web for ideas on training, as well as body mechanics.  I really enjoy getting to know different theories and what has worked, as well as what hasn't, so that I would understand the reasoning behind each, and make my own special training menu.  Creating my own training menu makes me feel pretty awesome.  Not only have I been able to make up a menu, but with the ownership, I feel obligated to train accordingly, and I've been able to learn from my training about how things work, helping me improve not only my running, but training.

To me, reading from my magazine and browsing through the web is something that's fun and exciting because I learn something new.  Once I gain the knowledge, I'm in a hurry to apply it to myself, so that I could first-hand experience what I've learned, so that I could further understand it.  Using the experience, I'm able to little by little improve upon what I already know, and work to train my body to go even further.  The more I know about running, the better I can train, run, and help others.  If I know something and don't use what I know, what's the point of using it?  My brain is more than just a storage space.  It's something that not only gathers information, but also processes it, helping me go beyond the initial information, leading to something new.

Not only should we know about the mechanics or methods of running, it's important to know about yourself, and what your condition is.  Based off your knowledge of your own body, you can make decisions on what to do and what not to do.  If you sprained an ankle, depending on how bad it is, an individual can just walk it off, or maybe even have to go to the doctor to have it looked at.  You're the only one that can accurately diagnose what's wrong and what you could do with it, and based off your knowledge of the situation, you could effectively help yourself recover from injuries.

Today, I just did 35 minutes on the stationary bike, doing my best to have a 90 cycles per minute so I would be able to have the short and quick strides when I go out for my long run tomorrow.  I also did 100 calf raises, and a couple leg strengthening exercises to get the muscles to have a larger amount of fast twitch muscle.  My plan is to wake up first thing in the morning and go out for a long and easy run so that I could just get to the constant running that comes with running a marathon.

Let's make sure we apply what we know, and use it to improve ourselves as best as we possibly could.

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