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Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Oak Tree

We are like oak trees, and our goal is like the sun.  You start out as a small seed, and with the right amount of water, nutrients, and sunlight, you can grow into a big tree.  You can't just water the seed one day and expect it to sprout.  You can't give it some nutrients and expect it to become a tree in a day.  It takes nurturing and it takes care.  It takes perseverance and it takes time (which kind of goes hand in hand).  In the same way, in pursuing your goals, you need to have the resolve, which is like the water and nutrients.  It takes 15 years for an oak tree to grow to a decently sized tree, but it still will not be fully grown.  Every year, it grows 2 feet, and the growth is only possible with the consistency of water, nutrients, and sunlight.  The tree only grows up because it reaches for the sun.  It stretches out and reaches up, straining and straining year after year, growing upwards.

When we have a goal so high, like the sun, we strive to reach towards that goal, we grow to unimaginable heights.  Our very own resolve pushes us to towards our goals, our perseverance pushes us forward as time goes on so that we can continue to grow.  We have a choice, to lay low and stay on the ground, or to reach for the skies and stand tall.  Our destiny can be made, and the path towards that is our will.

Running as a top endurance athlete is my goal, my sun, and to get that, I'll take steps to build myself up in order to reach that goal.  My plan to be an endurance athlete isn't something that can be done in one day, so I'm going to be working hard to take the right steps in order to reach that goal.

And I'm not going to stop working towards it.


  1. Its good to have strong goals and push forward regardless of what others say including yourself. Hope you can push hard and strong even on the hard days!

    1. During today's marathon, there was a couple times where I felt like stopping and walking, but looking at the goals ahead, I was able to continue and push forward, no matter how tired I was. Goals really do give you a lot of strength.