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Monday, April 30, 2012

Lifestyle Difference

What's better than talking about how to live one's life is to walk the talk and be an example of how to live. Today, as I was teaching the 3rd and 4th graders, I talked about eating a balanced meal and how it affects individuals. Because I do my best to live a healthy life, I was able to share with them about eating in a more personal way. When you live a lifestyle that is healthy, it's really easy to share with others about living healthy.

Having the discipline to live out your life in a healthy manner promotes the healthy lifestyle a lot more in two main ways. First of all, you have more of a passion when you share with others about your healthy living. Secondly, living the lifestyle itself becomes a way one can share with others.

Today, during class, I talked about how a lifestyle can impact an event, how one goal can change a lifestyle. When you eat meals, you eat balanced so that the energy that comes from the food will provide the best results for the individual. What you eat today will minimally affect you on that day. However, each little daily effect adds up into a big effect. Just as a constant flow of water changes sharp jagged rocks into smooth pebbles, a lifestyle can mold the individual into becoming what they want to be. Today, I wore my NB Minimus all day, standing up as much as I could so that my calves would get used to the amount of stress it would be receiving, making my calves get stronger. I am not working out my calves, but am rather little by little urging it to develop. My meals have slightly changed, adding more carbohydrates to the balance so that I would be able to work on my endurance training.

Now during class, I talked about the importance of balance and why we need it. I had the class balance on one leg. We then had them lean forward as much as they could. Then, I asked them if they could lean backwards as far as they could. I then asked what the 'free' leg was doing. Immediately, they told me that the leg would go the opposite direction, in order to keep the body balanced on one leg. It's the same way with your lifestyle. When you change one part of your life, you automatically need to balance it out, or else it won't work, and you'll fall. For example, when ou add more food to your life, without changing anything else, you will more than likely gain more weight. In order to keep the balance, you need to change with it. Balance is very important, and without that balance, we will just fall.

Our lifestyle should be balance. Our lifestyle should be goal oriented. Or lifestyle should be contagious.

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