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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Important Things in Life

Today was one interesting day.  I went down all the way to North Carolina to visit one of my best friend Aaron, and had a surprise birthday party.  We went to the Sky High Trampoline (or something like that) and we trampolined for about an hour.  Doing this really worked out my legs at no cost to my joints.  There was no jarring impact, and jumping as high as I could, really worked on my calves (and the rest of my legs... but because of my previous workouts, my calves were the most affected).  I enjoyed jumping up and down as high as I can, working on flips... which was pretty scary for me.  I realized as I was working on the trampoline, that I was working on my core, because jumping up and down really works on me balancing and maintaining control over my body.  Having that trampoline is really beneficial to me, working on core in ways that I haven't used before.  Jumping up and down works on my muscle coordination, making sure that all the muscles are firing at the right time to produce maximum elevation.  Doing flips really worked on balance and making sure that I am able to use my core to keep my body in the 'right place' wherever that may be.  Both worked on the muscle firing, and core.

After the trampoline, we went to his church to finish out his partying, and we played a fun game which was a mix of capture the flag and tye-dye, and altogether... it was a blast.  I had a great time, running sprints in the field, trying to get the 'king' dirty as possible and running away from other people wanting to tag me.  That was my speed workout.  Overall, today was a fun day, I really enjoyed it.  When combining fun and exercise together, you really do a lot.  I had a great time with my friends, and I also had a good workout (of course, the social time was the most important part... it just so happened that it coincided with working out).

When we have goals we want to accomplish, we don't have to run alone and forget about other people.  Having a goal does not mean losing yourself to the goal.  Whenever possible, combine your goals with the important things or peoples in your life.  Whenever you do that, you work on the important things in your life, and also taking steps towards your goal.  Keep your eyes on the goals, but remember the important things in your life.

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