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Monday, April 2, 2012

Short and Sweet

Today was a short day.  Being back from break, I was motivated to do... not that much at all.  It was going to be a long day... and it was.  I ran 2.93 miles in 19:48, a 7:04 min/mile average.  I need to start working harder in order to get faster.  All this time, I've been focusing on mileage, so now, I'm going to be adding some speed into my workout, so that my muscles would be accustomed to moving at a fast rate.  I'm needing to make sure that I get enough sleep because I wake up first thing in the morning and go running fast.

This week, I'm going to wake up every morning and run around 3 miles at a decently fast pace.  In doing this, I will definitely get my mile time up.  My goal for the week is to be able to run a 6:30 min/mile average for the 3 miles.  In the afternoons, I will either do a long run or cycle a couple hours to keep the endurance up.  In doing this, I will mold my body into the body I want it to be.

Some days I run a lot, think a lot, and do a lot... but there are other days when I don't do that much at all, but no matter how small the run is, every run counts, and I will do my best, no matter the run.

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