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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Morning Start

This morning, my alarm went off at 6:00 and I was pretty ready to go run... until I looked outside, saw it was raining, and convinced myself that sleep was more important than the running.  I went to sleep, woke up at 7:00, and went to work.  I worked all day, and at the end of the day, I cycled for an hour and finished reading Ultramarathon Man, and pumped myself up to wake up early tomorrow morning to go for a run.  Now, when I am writing this, I'm not so pumped up anymore... but I plan on running a lot tomorrow morning when I wake up.

The best time to exercise (even though your body may disagree) is in the morning.  Exercising does not work like a simple equation.  Yes you burn calories when you run, but your metabolism does not suddenly go back down to normal once the activity is over.  Instead, it slowly coasts down for the rest of your day, which benefits you more compared to when you exercise at night.  If you exercise at night, your body burns the same number of calories as the morning during the exercise, but after the exercise, when metabolism is coasting down, it'll shoot down even faster because of sleep.  When the body sleeps, the calories used drops significantly, which means that less calories will be used during the day as a whole.  Understanding this, you get a better workout working out in the morning, compared to working out at night.  Also, working out in the morning helps my endurance because I have to stay up on my feet (now that I stand instead of sit at my desk) for the rest of the day.

Habits are going to be hard to break, but I'm going to have to learn to create this good habit of sleeping early and waking early so that I would be able to impact myself and train hard to create a tough body that would be able to withstand a lot of running.  Tomorrow, I'm going to wake up and go run.  My goal is to do more than 2 hours... let's see if I can do that.

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