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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Roads and Trails

When running long distances, it's important to take care of your feet.  One way you take care of your feet is to not just run on the road, but run off the road and take the trails, or just around a soccer field.  Running on the road can give you a harder impact than what you want.  Because of that, it's good to know about different places you can go run.  I've been a road runner most of the time, and I've gotten used to running on the road, however, it's still hard when I go out because the runs gives my bones a lot of pressure.  Balancing a run on the trails or fields really does a lot to the feet of the runner.  It not only absorbs the shock, but also allows the runner to use full range of the leg motion.

Sometimes, a little change in scenery is all one needs to grow.  Sometimes, when you change where you are and what you run, you push your body in a different way, helping it grow in a more balanced way.  It's important to add that variety, because the variety helps increase the development of the muscles.  There are times when people cycle instead of run because of the lack of impact, compared to the running people do on the roads.  Building a body as a whole helps the individual as a runner, and when you take care of your body by running different places and different speed, it changes the muscle development, and rebuilds the individual's muscles as a whole.

Today, I had a lot to do, so all I did was run in the morning for 5.99 miles, taking 53:11 to do so, an average of 8:51 a mile.  Now this was a slow run, but it was important to me to use this run as a point where I know where I'm at.  I'll probably go a little longer tomorrow, but I'm going to be working on my technique, because every little bit will help a lot.

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