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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Makes Running Fun

To me, running is a battle. A battle between you and yourself, a battle between you and the others that are running in the race. A runner's goal is to get as many victories as possible. When running the 50 miler, every step past 26.2 miles was a victory because I was racing into the unknown. When I ran my second marathon, it was a victory for me to beat the time of my first marathon and going under 3 hours. As a runner, I snatch every little victory I can in my run.

The fun isn't just the race, but also the journey to the race. As a runner, I keep on working hard in order to get to my goal of winning, and each practice is a victory as little by little, I get better and better. The victory isn't the race itself, but where I am as an individual, what shape my body is as well as my mind. Each step that I take towards my goal is a battle and every time I go on, I have won that battle.

Running is a passion of mine, and when I practice, it means that I am immersing myself in something I enjoy and like. And the goal of self improvement to achieve a victory in a race is something that I keep on my mind, as I train and as I race. Using that passion to encourage others and inspire others gives me an even better reason to continually push. This, to me, means that every victory I achieve is not just for me, but also for those that I am running for.

Now THAT makes running that much more enjoyable.

Today, as I had had a long night of driving the night before, after church and lunch, I went to bed and slept for a couple hours. After waking up feeling rejuvenated, I worked out with my roommate and after my ten pull ups and twenty five push ups, I cycled. I cycled for 35 minutes when I got a text from him that there was a cute girl running on the treadmill nearby, so I left. Even though I don't like treadmills that much, there was enough incentive for me to run... since I needed to practice my running form (duh). I did 2.5 miles in 19:04 (an average of a 7:38 min/mile) and then went to the sauna. Although I saw the girl walk off and talk to some other guy, my personal victory came with me working on my new running form for the 2.5 miles I ran.

Everyone has different goals, and are passionate about different things, and when you look at each step as a victory, doesn't it make your goal THAT much more fun?

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