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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Long Day


So yea, yesterday, while I planned on having a lovely nap because I didn't get enough sleep the night before... it turned out to be a beauty nap which lasted from 7 to 7.  I got my twelve hours, I missed my running and my blogging.  Unfortunate circumstances, but I say it was something I needed.

This morning, when I awoke from my deep slumber, I knew it was going to be a good day.  I looked outside and it all seemed perfect.  Sun was shining, I had a great night's rest, I had a lazy morning.  Something I need every once in a while.  Especially because I've been having a lot of work/running to do.  Putting on my red bandana, I left the apartment a little after one.  I figured running a nice 3 miles would be good, and that I would be working on my form so that I would be able to run as efficiently as possible.  As I ran my first mile, I changed my mind, deciding that I would go out further and do six miles, because I was just... feeling good.  I went to the third mile, and changed my mind.  I was feeling pretty good so I decided that I would run 20 miles, working on my form, so that I wouldn't run too fast and exhaust myself.  The course that I chose was in the West Hills Park.  There was a nice .86 mile (give or take) loop and since it was 3 miles to that area, I thought I should just run til I get to 17 miles, and run back home.  the first 3 miles, I ran at a 7 minute pace because I thought it would be a relatively easy run.  As I changed the distances, my pace grew a little slower, so that I wouldn't ruin my legs before the race.  By the end of the day, I ran 20.09 miles in 2:47:51, an average of 8:20 a mile.  As I didn't eat a big breakfast, it was pretty tough, and it helped train my mind, to continue to go even when there seems to be no energy left.  Fortunately, in the loop in West Hills Park, there was a water fountain, so during every lap, I would make a quick stop to take a 1 second water break, and keep going.  I saw people over and over again, and saw a couple walkers and runners using the loop, and it was nice to know that there are quite a few people using that course to exercise and stay in shape.

When I ran that course, I worked on my form, to make sure that my body was working efficiently as possible, under the state that I was in (not enough food, nothing other than water during the run) and it did take a toll on me, but because I took it easy, I was able to finish the run with my head help high... Now at home, I crashed, and drank Coca-Cola (which may not be the best idea) because I needed the sugar to get in my system as fast as possible because not only was I dehydrated, but I pushed my body so that I was needing energy fast.  In fact, after soaking, showering, and drinking water, I decided to make some eggs and rice, I felt exhausted, and while the eggs were frying, I took a thirty second break on the floor.  I don't advise people to run to the point of exhaustion, because it can be a dangerous thing.  If I had not stopped when I did, and did not get some Coca-Cola in my system, as well as water, I would have crashed and definitely not just ruined my day, but it could have also ruined my body.

Knowing myself is a good thing, but when you push yourself, make sure you are careful about how much you push yourself.  Being a crazy runner is good, but if you don't know yourself and take care of yourself, you could get into some big trouble.

After eating eggs and rice, I made a couple plates of salads.  I needed the greens a lot because it would give me nutrients and help with water consumption.  I thought about going back to school to play soccer with some of the guys... but common sense told me to not do that.  Instead, I waited til later tonight to go cycle in the gym for 20 min, and stairs for 10 at 65 steps per minute.  The cycling got my hammy and quads, while the stair climbing worked on my calves (because I put the wait on the balls of my feet).  After all that, I went in and got a good 10 minutes in the sauna.  Twas another good day.

Finished strong, and finished in one piece.  It was a long and very productive day.

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