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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Other than discipline, another word that describes an endurance runner is perseverance.  The ability to never give up and go on.  Perseverance is what puts you back on your feet when you fall down.  Perseverance is what drives you forward no matter what obstacles get in your way.  Yea, life can be tough and throw things at you, but you are given choices, to stop, or to keep on going.  In an endurance race, that question is always in my head, especially when it's been a tough race and my legs starts to feel weaker and weaker.  Your perseverance is only as strong as your resolve.  If your resolve is weak, your perseverance won't be as strong.

Perseverance within a runner can be divided into two areas.  The perseverance of the mind, and the perseverance of the body.  Strengthening both of them will strengthen the runner tremendously.  However, to me, the perseverance of the mind is the most important area.  Training the mind helps with the training of the body.  The strength of your resolve will show in the strength of training, which in turn will strengthen the body.  The growth of perseverance begins in the mind.  The seed planted will grow, and as the individual's resolve gives nourishment to that seed, it will take root in the individual's body and will grow stronger and the resolve will be shown in the individual's life.

Persevering means to not give up.  No matter what.  It means to stick to the path towards the goal.  To take steps forward no matter what obstacles stand in your way.  To the persevering individual, obstacles are something that will help them push forward.  Having an obstacle in the way is like resistance training.  The resistance is there hindering you... but at the same time, it is there to make you stronger.  Perseverance sees the obstacles as training tools, as stepping stones to go forward and become stronger.

Giving up means to stop.  Persevering means to keep going.  Every day gives you a choice.  To stop, or keep going.  So will you stop?  Or persevere?

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