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Friday, April 6, 2012


In order to get from point A to point B, you need to go in a straight line.  Now lets add a little more to the problem.  Between point A and point B, there's a sand dune.  If you stop to rest too long, you will little by little go back towards point A.  If you really want to get to point B, you need to do two things.  Stay as close as you can to that straight line, and keep on taking steps so that you won't slide back down to point A.  Developing an athlete's body is the same way.  The individual must be able to step forward the correct way in order to achieve that 'ideal' body.

I'm working hard to mold my body into that of an elite runner.  If I slack, I lose a little of what I am gaining, and fall back.  In order to insure that I keep on going, I need to have the discipline to continuously work to improve myself.  Where does this discipline come from?  I think it comes from your desire, and how you work to remind yourself of your goal and the importance of your goal.  My desire to become an elite runner is pretty good, but at times, I put other things ahead of that, pushing my desire aside.  It isn't that my desire is weak, it's that I let too many things get between me and my goal.  The moment I lose my focus is the moment I lose my discipline.  Therefore, it's important that I build a good habit of working towards my goal as well as trying to make the steps as enjoyable as I possibly can.

There are times when I look at what I should be doing today... and I feel like I don't want to do it.  There are moments where I absolutely have no desire to go on.  This is the moment discipline kicks in.  I look at the benefits that would come out if I keep on trucking along.  I look at my goal, and see that I need to take those steps in order to achieve that goal.  Because of that, I do my best to make what I do something that I look forward too (even my hill runs).  Only I can make myself get up and go forward.  Only I can make the decisions to go or to not to go.  Discipline is me pushing myself any way possible to take that step.  Discipline is pushing aside my personal feelings that tells me NOT to go forward, and keep on going anyway.

Discipline helps me take a big step forward, a step to overcome my psychologically weak moment, building a stronger and determined mind.  A victory of just one day is a gigantic leap towards my goal, because my mind has beaten my body into submission.

Today, I went to the gym for over four hours.  I spent 3 hours cycling.  The first hour I rode 17.1 miles, then I went for two 30 minute rides, I did 8.21 miles and 9.27 miles, and for my last hour, I did 18.2 miles.  Afterwards, I did 300 calf raises per calf, and then walked for a quarter mile, and finished up the rest of the mile with an easy jog.  After all that exercise, my body was starting to get sore, so after taking in a lot of water, I went to the sauna and stretched for 20 minutes... It was a great day, and I was glad that I pushed myself to work hard.

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