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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Balance the Present and the Future

Sometimes we focus too much on the here and now and we forget about our future and the path ahead. Other times, we focus too much on the future and we forget about what's before our eyes, the beauty that is in the present. Balance, therefore, is the key.  Without the balance, we would not be able to find the happiness we desire in our lives.

Today was my 'day of rest' where I just enjoyed myself and had a good time.  I hung out with friends and just chilled, at the end of the day, we played almost 3 hours of wallyball and I had a lot of fun jumping around hitting the ball, working with the team, and helping my teammates get better.  I could just hog the ball and do my best and try to beat the other team using my athleticism, but that wouldn't be the same and even if I did win... there would be no team play involved.  Balance is needed in order to have everyone do their best and work together.  It doesn't matter if we win or lose as long as we as a team works together.  Funny how that works.

Balance helps everything not just survive, but thrive.  Balancing allows you to become your best.  In talking about the present and future, sometimes, we choose to focus on just one, which can be good, but we miss so much in doing so.  In focusing on the present, we forget about what's coming up in the future and then when the future becomes the present, then we're in trouble.  Should we focus on the future, we forget the world around us right now, what's going on and how we interact with people, whatever is surrounding us... the beauty of nature.  We shouldn't miss the moments that comes in the present, but at the same time, we shouldn't lose the prospect of the future... we need them both, because it makes life... livable.

Take some time to look at both and truly appreciate your goals... your life.

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