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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pack Ahead

One thing that's important to do before you go elsewhere is to pack. Packing right before you leave is never a good idea. That's why I pack the night before. Packing the night before insures that you pack the right things and you have everything that you need. However, my problem was that I had to pack for my move as well as for house sitting, which made me miss a few things for my trip to Chattanooga to do the Ragnar Relay race with eleven people I have never met. One thing that bonded us. We were crazy. We were going to embark on a 200 mile mission, doing our best to get to the finish line in Nashville.

I knew that I wasn't going to be at my best, but I needed to make sure that I was prepared enough to run well with the team. Packing is important if you want to do your best and packing is done best when done a day prior because it helps people with race mentality. When you're rushed, it's actually not the best situation for you. Make sure to pack ahead and be prepared for the things to come.

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