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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


When I took tests... I hated them.  It wasn't the most exciting thing to do.  However, these tests are important.  They help the test makers understand what level the test takers are at.  In understanding what level the test taker is at, one can see what needs to be worked on... so in fact, even if taking tests suck, it helps the test taker make the right decisions to go towards the right directions. (funny and long way of saying it... but it works!)

Tests are important because they give you the general idea of where you are.  I took a 'test' by running last night... without taping my knee.  It means that I had no extra support on my leg.  I ran at a decent pace, covering 3.13 miles in 23:07, a 7:23 min/mile pace.  The result... made it.  I didn't have any pains on my knees, however, I did notice that I was still slightly favoring my right knee, making my left leg work just a little bit harder, which meant that I was running a little off balance.  One side of it is a psychological problem, but after waking up this morning and checking my leg out, it seems that I have something going on in my knee, but not too bad.  There's a slight physical problem, but shouldn't be a problem too much that I couldn't handle.  When I go for the 200 mile relay, I'll be sure to tape my knee in order to protect myself.

(side note... previously, I walked 1.99 miles out in 33:16, and 1.98 miles back in 33:30, to buy a reflective vest at Dicks Sporting Goods)

Tests, though annoying, is a good thing.  It provides information on where you are and what you're capable of... and in the end, what to work on.  Remember the importance of test taking.

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