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Sunday, November 18, 2012

What You Gotta Do

You gotta do what you gotta do.  It's hard sometimes when things get in the way of plans, but you know, there's no use complaining.  You gotta do what you gotta do, when you gotta do it.  There's no way around that.  It can suck because you might have had an original plan, but when things come up, you gotta take it as it comes and work with it.

Today, I had a wedding that I was going to attend.  I thought it'd be cool to not only attend that wedding, but also go for a run in the mountains after the wedding, as the wedding would take place in Virginia, and between TN and VA, there were a ton of mountains that I could go for a run in.  The trails would have been awesome too, but unfortunately, I had to cancel that running arrangement in the mountains because the reception went to a little after 5.  Because of the time, the sun had already begun to set, and by the time I would have been able to get to a trail to run, I would have been running in the dark.  Although I was prepared to run, I wasn't prepared with a headlamp, to run in the dark.  Begrudgingly, I went home driving the 3 hours and a bit it took to get there.  As I really looked forward to the run, I felt sad that I couldn't do it, but hey, I knew the wedding was important for me and for my friends.  I kept the main thing as the main thing and what I gotta do... I did.

It's alright when things don't go your way.  Stuff happens.  And when it does, you just push on through it and be strong.  Tomorrow, I'll have to make sure to get a good run in.  Enjoying the break from running a little too much, but don't wanna build a habit like that.  Looking forward to racing a good 50k in January.  Time's running out.  Hard core training... begin!

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