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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Back

Seems like my days of running is always on and off.  Some days, I'm running like a madman, and other times, I just can't seem to find the time to go running.  Yesterday, before I went back home to Knoxville, I 'forced' myself to make time and go run.  I ran for 32:19 and ran 4.32 miles, an average of 7:29 min/mile.  Every little bit counts, and forcing myself to run that little bit makes that much of a difference.

Even though I'm a runner and enjoy all that running... I do have days I don't want to go running.  Most people would look at me and listen to my love of running and wouldn't understand that.  Knowing how much I love running, they expect me to always love going out for runs.  I mean, yeah.  I do have a lot of those times where I enjoy going out for a run, but there's also times I don't want to.

Sometimes, doing what you're passionate about isn't always the sunshine and daisies that people think it is.  There are those days that are rainy and downright miserable.  Sometimes, it's not 'fun'.

Now you're at the crossroads.  Should you take a breather and come back to it?  Or should you continue on?

There are some days where I take that breather, and other days where I don't.  How do I know the difference?  It's through understanding myself.  The more you know about yourself, the better decisions you can make about what you are needing to do and what you aren't needing to do.

Today, I don't exactly feel like running... but what am I going to do?  I'm going to go running.  Why?  It's because I know that it's just me being lazy and as soon as I go outside, I'll start to love it again.  Getting into a comfortable and lazy habit can be dangerous.  Know where you're at and work towards improving yourself and get back into the good habits... even if it doesn't seem as white and fluffy.

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