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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Funny how it's possible to solve a problem in minutes, but it takes about a half an hour to do so.  Sometimes, it's just that we complain too much and because of that, we actually waste a lot of time doing unproductive things.  Now not all complaining is unproductive.  At times, we complain to get a point across, and it works... but there's plenty of other ways to do so, and complaining wastes time.

At times, people complain about the lack of time, and by complaining, they use up the time that they have, causing them to complain even more so about the lack of time... it's a never ending cycle, and it seems to me quite silly because there's a simple solution.

Do something about it.

Is complaining productive and solve problems?  Not really... most of the time it makes it worse.  I find it easier to work on the problem and solve it.  However, to most of us, complaining seems more ideal.  Why is that?  Looking at the emotional state of the individual, it makes them feel better when they are complaining about what was going on.  Because it makes them feel better, they continue to complain and cry, to let their feelings out, and not work on the problem at hand.  Funny how that all works...

Instead of complaining, we could just choose to work on the problem and go forth from there and make a difference.  Action speaks louder than words, and action does quite a bit more.

Today, I went out and ran 4.6 miles in 43:43, a 9:30 min/mile pace.  Although it was slow, I managed to make it through without stopping and without my leg hurting.  Due to the taping that I did, the pain was averted as I made sure the muscle, ligaments, and tendons were forced to be in the right place.  Now I know that a 5 mile race is quite possible for me to do.  After taking a little break, I went out for 22:41, riding my bicycle for 5.29 miles, an average of 14 mph.  It wasn't too bad, but it felt pretty good.  I know my leg muscles are more than capable of handling the pressure, but the impact on the ground... there was a little bit I could work on.  At this rate, I'm sure I could run my part in the 200 mile relay race, next week.  It'll just take a little bit of light training and incremental steps, but I'll be able to train myself to be able to run that distance no problem... the speed however... I'll have to make sure to get myself up there.

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