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Friday, November 2, 2012

How You Start

In a piece of music, the most important parts to the piece is how you start, and how you finish.  Those two points are the key to holding everything together.  Should you mess up in the beginning, everyone will notice that and will think about that mistake as you go through the piece.  On the other hand, should you mess up at the end, all the hard work you did previously is forgotten because the audience leaves with a bad taste in their mouth.  Not only is the end important, but the beginning is also important.

In your every day life, it's the exact same thing.  It's about how you start the day that starts up how you finish that day.  This morning, I started my day with a run.  After dropping my sister off at school, I ran back home, and 2.38 miles in the run, I needed to go to the bathroom and made a pit stop to the gas station bathroom (finished in 19:44, an average of 8:18 min/mile) and then I finished the run, running 3.86 miles in 30:31, a 7:53 min/mile pace.  At the beginning of this week, I could not run 3 miles without my leg hurting, but right now, with the tremendous care I've given myself, I could now run pretty much 6 miles and do rather well with it.  Now the Ragnar race is going to be in one week, but at the rate I'm improving, I believe that I have a great chance of fully recovering to fully do my part of the race.

Starting my day with this run insures that the energy taken in from the food will make sure to go to the muscles used this morning, and also my metabolism being kick started by the run will also continue throughout the day, making it a lot more beneficial, starting the day, rather than ending with it.

It's not just about how it finishes, but how it starts.

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