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Friday, November 30, 2012

How You Feel

How I feel affects how much I run.  Today, I felt pretty good.  Lately, I've just been really happy with my life, but missing some of my running.  Getting the chance to go out and run, I went out for what I planned on an hour, but during the run, I felt like I could go longer, and decided that I'd go out a little further.  Going out for a little over forty minutes, I planned on making it so that I would try to do my second half faster than my first half.  Successfully, I came back in 1:17:08, running a distance of 9.81 miles, an average of 7:51 min/mile.  It wasn't a blistering fast pace, but a nice and smooth pace.  I was feeling so good that I just kept it up.

Feelings do matter.  Emotions do affect our performance.  Just as a positive personality can positively influence you (and a negative one negatively influences you), feelings affect what you do.  Me having a great couple of days had me going off and running a little more than my original plan.  Tomorrow, my plan is to run  a longer distance, but we'll see what really happens.  I do like to let my feelings guide my runs.  Letting the feelings get complete control can be a little too much, but I tend to let them guide how fast and long I run on my easy and long days.

Feelings do matter.  Work on how you feel and in turn, you can work on how you live.  There's a direct correlation between feeling and life.

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