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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Last night, I went over to Fellowship just to get in a little sermon for college kids (even though I'm no longer a college kid, it still is nice to listen to a little preaching that's not for those that are over 50, haha).  The subject he talked about was worrying and how worrying means that you're not trusting in God.  I took from that and now am going to talk about how worrying doesn't do you any good if you are training to get in better shape.

I hear a couple people talking about how they worry about their weight.  If they are indeed worrying about their weight, that means that they aren't trusting what they're doing to take care of themselves.  Worrying about your weight means that you're not trusting in the lifestyle you're in.  What does that mean?  Usually, it means that you aren't doing your absolute best, which gives you something to worry about.  Worrying happens when you don't trust in what you should be trusting in... it means that you think that that certain 'thing' becomes untrustworthy.

When I train the people around me, I always bring about the subject of trust.  I ask them if they trust me and trust what I say.  Usually, I get the answer yes, and from then on, they find it a lot easier to work out and don't worry about their weight or how they're doing.  Once in a while, these people will forget about it and start worrying again.  When they start worrying again, they would come up and ask me about how they're doing.  In return, I will give them affirmation.  I will tell them exactly what I think about their situation, and since they know where they are and what direction they are going, it's less likely that that they would worry.  Affirmation does put out the worrying that people may have.

So what do you do about the worrying?  My advice.  Stop it.  There's logically nothing that will happen by worrying.  So if something does come up that takes you towards starting to worrying, take action and do something about it.  Worrying does nothing and it's a waste of time.  Do something productive and get to a place where you are strong and do not have to worry because you trust in what you're doing and going through.

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