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Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Day, Another Dollar

Another day, another dollar.  That's what it's like when you're training.  However, each day, you earn a little bit and as you save up, as a whole, it becomes something.  No matter what, a step is a step, a dollar is a dollar... but every bit counts as long as it's a part of the whole.  Every minute, even every second counts.

Today, my minutes spent were used to do 25 pull ups, 55 push ups, 30 minutes of pretty hard cycling, and finished it off with working on my obliques.  I enjoyed another moment at the gym, and really felt like I was getting stronger.  In becoming stronger, I was also preparing my body to be able to take that 50 miler (even though the next race I have is a measly 5k) and finish strong.  I know that I can run a marathon whenever I feel like it, but now I need to get to being able to run 50 miles and race against competitors.  Since this round isn't about finishing, it's going to be about finishing at the top.

Finishing at the top is kind of like cashing in the checks you've saved up.  You've saved up nickels and dimes here and there, and when you finally get to cash it all in, and see what you get.  October is the month I cash my checks in, and I have 2 months til I am at that point.  I'm excited about the race and with the training I'm doing in and outside the gym, I can't wait til I get through with it and become a top competitor.

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