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Monday, August 27, 2012

Forced into a Lifestyle

Sometimes, you get to a point in life where you have to all of a sudden change directions.  As for me, that point in life happened recently, when I had my car die on me, forcing me to find other ways to get to work.  It wasn't easy, but after finally buying my very own bicycle, a Scott SUB 30, I was able to travel to work without working too hard.  The thing is, that when I went to work, I would need to wake up earlier in the morning.  Now, when I was in training, I had to wake up and go run, and then go to work, but with me cycling, the morning workouts ceased to exist, and instead, I would ride to work.

The ride was tough, and I had to push forward and force myself to wake up, for fear of being late to work.  Today, I woke up and went to work, cycling 17.81 miles in 1:07:09, a reasonably fast pace.  I went to work, and after that, cycled to AutoZone (.7 miles) and then cycled to Nathan's house to see what could be done about my car (4.49 miles).  After waiting and figuring things out, the car needed to be worked on again, and so I had my sister drive me back home.  I then decided that I needed some running, especially since I was training for that 50 mile race.  I ran 1.75 miles to the gym in 13:26 (average of 8:02 min/mile) and then worked out, doing 20 pull ups, 50 push ups, and oblique exercises.  After working out, I ran back 1.77 miles in 12:53, an average of 7:16 min/mile.  Comparing it to my 5k average, this time is horrible, but when understanding that I'm training for a 50 miler which would require you to push through even when tired, it helps me understand that this little bit of running was only a part of what the end of the race would be like.

Sometimes, we just are forced into a lifestyle.  Sometimes it's a good lifestyle we're forced into, and sometimes it's a bad lifestyle.  What can we do about that?  I believe that we could accept the good lifestyle and work against the bad lifestyle.  Accept the good that happens in your life and react positively.  However, when bad things happen which forces you to change your lifestyle in a not so healthy way, we need to learn to fight it and make the best out of the situation.  Some things can't be stopped, but it can still be deterred.  We may not be able to save ourselves from all bad situations, but we could always change it for the better.

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