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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three Runs, Three Reasons

Running has definitely been a big part of my life, and it has impacted me in so many ways.  Today, I had the opportunity of doing 3 different kinds of runs.  First, I needed to get somewhere to meet Anthony, a friend who I was going to start train.  I ran 3 miles in 20:35, a 6:51 min/mile pace.  It wasn't the fastest, but it was me pushing it slightly.  I wasn't in a big hurry, so I didn't push too hard.  I started at a pretty slow pace, warming up as I sped up.  This first run itself was divided into a couple parts, where I would warm up, and where I would work hard.  Once I finished the 3 miles, I met up with Anthony, who was still new to running, and proceeded to run and walk with him for 3.7 miles, taking 45:25, an average of 12:17 min/mile.  It wasn't too fast personally, but the important thing was the mileage, and work on form.  As we ran, walked, and talked, I taught him various things he ought to do when running.  I noticed that his form was not good, which caused his muscles to tire out easily.  As he was already accustomed to doing this, it was hard to change it, but bit by bit, he began to adjust himself to be able to run correctly, and help his whole body in the process.

After that, he drove me to The RUSH, where I proceeded to do 25 pull ups, 60 push ups, worked on my obliques, and then cycled for 30 minutes.  After stretching out at the gym, I ran 1.79 miles back to my apartment, in 13:14, an average of 7:23.  As this was only a cool down run, I didn't push myself too much, but without pushing myself too much and running at this rate, I could tell that I was in decent shape, almost ready to run the 50 miles in Atlanta.

Each of these runs had different meanings, and each run was worthwhile.  Altogether, I was able to run 8.49 miles, which adds up especially in the long run.  Although my 5k is coming up soon, it's the 50 miler that I'm really worried about.  Running like this will definitely help my 50 mile time.  Running to the gym to exercise is probably one of the greatest ideas I've ever had, because my run had two purposes, to exercise, as well as get to the gym.  With each run comes a different reason, and although the reason may be different, the result is the overall mileage I have already done with my body.

Every Run Counts.

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