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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When You Try

In any sport, if you try, there's a chance something may happen.  It might not happen... but the thing is that it COULD happen.  We don't know the outcome of something until we try.  You won't know whether or not you'll make a goal unless you shoot.  You won't know if you're going to do a perfect dive unless you try.  When you try, something happens.  What happens is that you're given an opportunity.

Some people don't have that mentality and don't quite understand that without trying, things won't happen.  As long as we have the spirit, as long as we persevere and go forward, anything can happen.  Sure against a strong team you might not do so well, but you will never know until you try.

What bugged me today was an individual that would not try.  His effort level was minimum and it really frustrated me.  I went over to Johnson University and played some floor hockey with the college kids and in my line up, I had two people that didn't have as much experience with hockey.  One of them gave it his all and produced results.  The other... not so much.  In fact, it came to a point where I was asking him to move and do something instead of standing around and not doing anything.  The thing was that it seemed that his feet was firmly planted on the ground so that he couldn't move and do anything effective.  Usually, when you play a game of floor hockey, just running up to the person with the ball pressures them.  There isn't too much pressure when you back away from them or don't move at all.

I mean, I'm glad he came to get better and play... but I would like more effort.  When you give up, there's no way that anything positive will happen, but if you don't give up, then you're giving yourself a chance to make something happen.

The same thing can apply to multiple things in life.  If you don't ask a girl out, you won't find out if she'll go out with you.  If you don't apply for a job, you won't get it.  If you don't offer that low amount of money to buy a car, you won't know if they'll accept that offer.  The thing is, without taking chances... without trying, things won't happen.

I'm not saying that it'll happen every single time you try... but it'll happen a lot more compared to when you don't take that chance.  Try, take a chance, jump.  Doing that can create opportunities.

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