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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What it Means to Not Give Up

Today was another interesting day.  Once again, I didn't have any 'runs' today.  After work today though, I walked my bike over to Cedar Bluff Cycles and watched them put a new tube on my bicycle.  Looking at how they did that, I now could probably do that on my own.  After getting the bicycle fixed up, I rode the bike the 1.7 miles I walked.  After eating dinner, I went back on the bike again to ride over to Johnny Long Training Academy (5.53 miles in 23:17... which included traffic lights and stop signs, etc.)   After that, we went to Wendy's and I ate a sandwich... then left and rode to the RUSH to work out.  That ride was 8.24 miles, and I got there in 30:53, which was a decent pace for me.  I then did 24 pull ups, 50 push ups, and did some exercise for my obliques... and then rode to Walmart to get hair gel, and then back home.  Altogether, I probably biked a little less than 20 miles.  It was an awesome day.

Now in the indoor soccer game, we started out bad... really bad.  In fact, we were losing 4-2 in the first half of the game... however, we didn't give up.  We tried hard, and our efforts yielded results.  We ended the game 8-5 and at the end of the day, we were 4th place, able to compete in the tournament.  Because we didn't give up, we were still in the game.  Because we knew that we could do it, we persevered and pushed through in order to achieve this win.  With this, we pushed our way from 6th place to 4th.  When you don't give up, hope lives on.  When you give up, that hope is extinguished.

Not giving up mean you have hope.  It gives opportunity, and when opportunity is given, you take as much as you can from it.  Whenever you have some sort of goal, you keep at it til you reach that goal.  In running a 50 miler, I can see the difference between one that has hope and one that does not.

Whenever we come to a point where we feel like giving up our goal, just realize that when we persevere, there's always that chance that something might happen.  In fact, when something happens, we ought not to give up until the very end, because hope is something that exists til the very end.  Tough times will come about.  So be mentally prepared to take it head on.

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