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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lose Weight... Forever

Some people have a very simple goal... to lose weight.

According to a few articles that I've read, in the last 50 years, the obesity rate of Americans have more than doubled from under 15% to over 30%.  It's an epidemic that some are constantly fighting.  There's the latest diet... which doesn't seem to work after we're done.  There's the latest exercise that you can do every other day... but you stop and the weight goes back on... How can we get rid of this excessive fat once and for all?

Over 2/3 of American adults are overweight or obese.  We've figured out how to fight diseases that could kill people, we've developed technology that can take us into space.  We have done so many things... yet it seems like we cannot help ourselves lose the excessive fat that surrounds our body.  Why?  Why is it that most Americans are overweight or obese?  Why is it that we can't find a way to fight this 'disease' that's killing us and making our life unhappy?  The answer is so simple.  It's because we don't have the lifestyle we need to dig ourselves out of that hole.  First, you have to understand where you are.  Then, you have to understand where you're wanting to go.  Finally, you will then understand what you need to do to get there and STAY THERE.  Simply put:

START:  Overweight/Obese
FINISH:  Lose weight forever
PATH:  Healthy lifestyle

There you have it.  A simple solution.  Yet, why is it hard for us to put that into practice and continue to do so?  It's because of the culture... the mindset.  Most people will pick an easy out if they think that it would give them the results they want.  Television advertises a lot of things that are medically proven to help you lose weight.  However, there's nothing that can be done about keeping the weight off.  Results can be seen by taking the medicine, but they can't sustain that result.  The problem isn't solved by a one time deal.  It can only be solved by a continuous work done by the individual.

I like math, and it really does make life simple.  I look at the simple math problem that helps me understand how people can become overweight or obese.  If energy consumed is more than energy used, then that energy gets stored on the individual as fat.  If energy consumed is less than energy used, then it shows me that the body will deplete the fat that's stored up within the body.  Should the intake energy equal the energy that's being used, what it means is that the body is sustaining itself, because it isn't taking energy from another place, nor is it storing energy.

Promoting a healthy living style means understanding more about what it means to live healthy.  Understanding the simple energy in, energy out, will definitely help the individual with their understanding of how the body works.  Exercise promotes healthy living by using a lot of energy.  Exercise helps our body figure out what shape it needs to be in in order to maintain.  Figuring how much you need to eat to maintain means that you need to know how much you're exercising also.

The simple solution to losing weight forever, is to develop that lifestyle that promotes healthy living.  What good is it if you don't develop that lifestyle?  The lifestyle is what your body adapts to.  If you lead a lazy lifestyle, your body will take that into account and with the energy given to them, they'll store more and not be able to use any of it.  Exercising is also a big part of losing weight forever.  Just because you run for a year doesn't mean that you could get away with just racing from then on.  You need to work hard and constantly push yourself to excel.

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